In India, government jobs have always been the primary target for youth especially coming from tier 2 or 3 cities. There is no doubt that in the last 15 years in India, private jobs (especially in IT) have been very lucrative for young graduates but considering the workload and tight deadlines, one must think twice if one can bear the work pressure & expectations from your job as you rise in hierarchy. Not everyone is capable enough to meet the targets & deadline and people are following rat race for the sake of getting a job. Generally people realize this after spending considerable time in private jobs. Not only are most of the people stressed with the work, but their job is really making them sick because of the lifestyle they are following. Sedentary lifestyle coupled with undisciplined food habits is taking a toll on their health which results in ill effects that are visible after certain age like back aches, high blood pressure, heart diseases, relationship problems etc.
One important thing in life is that the kind of work you do highly impacts the kind of person you become in your life. Seeing lazy people(not all, but mostly) all around your desk who have work to finish but are not willing to do just because there is no deadline will also influence you in the time to come even if you thought of giving your best to the job before you joined a government job. This is because our personality is greatly affected by the kind of company we keep e.g. a world class institute (e.g. IIT/IIM/AIIMS etc) is world class not because of the infrastructure or its faculty, but because of the students who study there. They are the ones who out smarted millions of aspirants to reach there. In such an environment, even an average student can become a great personality, same goes with work place.
Since the question is about why government job is better than private jobs, I will focus more on perks & benefits for government jobs over private although the later one also has its advantages. Some of the pros & cons of government jobs are:

Job security: This is the one factor that can lure any aspirant towards the government job. In private sector, there is always fear of loosing job even if you are employee of the Month\Quarter\Year. What matters most is your current performance and either you are profitable to the organisation. That is the reason why many senior level employees are always at risk of loosing their job since they take hefty packages, but their productivity is very low. Even Steve Jobs, Sachin Bansal from Flipkart could not save their jobs because they were not delivering what was expected from them. But government jobs, you are safe till you reach 60 with little or no stress to perform.

Perks and allowances: The perks given to a central government employee are quite good. Can you ever think of getting a home in south Delhi suppose your CTC is 15 LPA in a private firm? I don’t think so considering the deduction your company makes from your CTC, but you can easily avail 2 or 3 BHK government apartments in South Delhi which is a dream location of every Delhite, that too on a nominal deduction from your salary. If you are Class A officer coming from UPSC or other equivalent exams, then you know the perks well, I don’t need to tell about that.

Medical allowance: You can easily avail medical benefits for you and your family under central government health scheme(CGHS ) unlike private health insurance policy which will ask you thousands of questions while settling up your claim and will end up giving you peanuts saying you were not covered for this disease. Indian government bears the medical expenses for the best of the medical facilities for central government employees & their families. Trust me no private employer can match that.

Status and Power: Now this is something that can lure any human being. Who does not want to gain respect & status in society! Have you ever met an IAS or IPS officer? Just try to meet them if you are lucky, then you’ll realize what power is and what status is called. You will forget all the materialistic stuff that corporate employees flaunt in order to make an impression. Most importantly you work for your nation and serve the society, not a white US client whom you are never gonna meet in life.

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